Christian SWTOR Guild Takes Issue with Profanity in Game

A screenshot was released of the beta forums and a particular complaint being made by a member of a self-professed Christian guild regarding profanity filters in the game. This has started a debate, as most things relating to religion will do, but I think it’s worthy of being discussed here.
Here’s a screencap of the post that supposedly started it all:

Would it have been such a big issue if the player wasn’t part of a Christian guild? Is the real issue with his opinions of profanity filters in the game or the guild that he is a member of?

The guild, Saints of the Old Republic, is more than 350 members strong and has been around for more than two years. They received a guild beta invite and are entitled to their opinions on the game just like anyone else. However, those opinions will not come without ridicule. Ridicule is an equal-opportunity act. It doesn’t care if you are Christian or agnostic, gay or straight, short or fat- there will always be people who do not agree with your opinions.
There is a Reddit thread on the topic but most members participating in the thread have not actually seen the original post on the beta forums and all I can see is the screenshot posted above, which gives me little access to the context of the complaint or the following responses. The Reddit thread seems to take a Christian-bashing approach that ignores facts since most of the people in it never actually saw the original thread.
One example: “Cry discrimination against your religion if others don’t follow your moral preference”
Well, I can’t see the whole thread but the post in question did not “cry discrimination” at all. It was an opinion and a suggestion. This is what game companies seek from beta players. It doesn’t mean every suggestion will be implemented into the game but the opinions are most certainly welcome.
Another Reddit user said the poster was “showing off” by posting a signature that he was part of a Christian guild. Still another user says, “You are assuming they formed a Christian guild to show off or something, but have you considered that maybe they just want to play with other Christians and don’t care what you think?”
Good point, neonshadow, good point…
And the OP wasn’t rude, nor did he say “I’m a Christian and I don’t like profanity in the game.” It was a logical issue with a possible solution. You don’t have to agree with the poster to respect his right to post an opinion in a beta forum environment.
There is no lack of proof of extremist Christians doing crazy things in the name of religion in this world but is this really another example of that or is religion completely irrelevant to the main issue at hand- profanity in a Star Wars game?
The problem with issues like this is that there can rarely be a civil discussion about the real issue because people start generalizing and bashing one another and their beliefs. It’s what we do- 3 cheers for humanity!
So back to the real topic here- should there be swearing in Star Wars? Profanity itself is an age-old issue as cursing has been around since language was invented and there are always those who are for and against it. In general, it adds realness to the game elements. Even if you do not use profanities, you know someone who does. Everyone does. But should there be profanity in Star Wars?
Many Star Wars nuts will argue whether or not earth-based profanities even have a place in a Star Wars game. They were not in the movies, books or comics. Instead, there were many sci-fi themed versions of expletives/exclamations and derogatory terms that are much more fun than the typical earth-based profanities we all hear every day anyway and these more creative forms of expletive language would be less offensive to those who do not appreciate profanity in the game.
One RPer (a self-professed foul-mouth in real life) agrees and even posted an in-depth guide to Swearing in a galaxy far far away! on the official forums. Would users feel more comfortable with terms like Sithspit or Frack? It would certainly be more fun to call someone a Son-of-a-mynock.
When I read posts like this, I can’t help but ask “What the blinkin’ mradhe muck is going on here?”…