Interview with Gabe Amantangelo and James Ohlen

During last weekend’s PAX, Managing Editor Bill Murphy managed to corner Bioware’s James Ohlen and Gabe Amantangelo to talk about PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The interview covered a wide range of interesting topics and brought us a few tidbits of info we didn’t already have. The interview is a good one and is listed in its entirety on their website.
Here’s what James had to say in general about PVP in TOR.
But all the really cool stuff we’ll show off at the panel and into the next few weeks too. I think people will be really pleased with world PVP in TOR.
The interview talks about Warzones and what we as players can expect to see when the game is released and another great question they ask, Warzones are the more structured form of PVP, so will you guys be doing anything with ranking systems, tournaments and the like? Will SW:TOR dig into the whole eSports side of things?”
They talk about the Voidstar (sounds like fun stuff) and personal story and replayability aspects of the story. Ohlen says (among other things), “You may go through once as a nice guy, and experience completely different outcomes going through the same class and same quests as a badass woman. So yeah, there really are a lot of options.”
This is a very long, in-depth article interview that is worth reading through if you haven’t already.