TOR TV: Scoundrel PvP Montage

Scoundrel PvP Montage

This is Kalamitis third installment of Scoundrel PvP Montage. Scoundrel PvP is extremely fun and I’m surprised that people are overlooking and don’t pick it up. I asked him why he use back blast way too early after shoot first, and he answered:

Good catch! When I’m playing PvE, I use exactly that rotation. While I’m 1v1 during warzones, most of the other classes outsustain me, either because of tankiness (for example a Juggernaut) or because of them having a lot of CC and healing (Sorcerer). That means, I have to burst them down during my stun lock and before they have the chance to fight me back. When I reopen the fight after I have used dissapearing act, I want to finish my opponent, I use Shoot First followed by Back Blast, for a quick 6-9k damage. Also, on PvP it’s not easy to get behind them (they don’t stay still 😛 ) to use Back Blast on an appropriate rotation. That’s why, I wait for the dot to tick at least 3 times before I refresh it.

Remeber to check out his channel were he also  have a video guide about Scoundrel Scrapper PvP rotation, openers and burst damage, but check out this PVP showoff below: