STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Class Changes: Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel

Eric Musco just updated the community about the upcoming changes for Carnage and Combat coming in Game Update 5.4. Note: All changes below are currently in development and are subject to change before being released. Operative Concealment Acid Blade’s damage has been reduced by 27.78% Collateral Strike’s damage has been reduced by 27.68% Scoundrel Scrapper Flechette Round’s damage has been reduced by 27.78% Flying Fists’ damage has been reduced by 27.68% DevNotes: The Concealment / Scrapper discipline was dealing more DPS than intended, so we made a couple changes to shrink it down a bit. These changes allow the Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel to still deal decent burst damage while having their sustained damage output brought in line with the DPS target. Join the forum discussion on this post

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TOR TV: Scoundrel PvP Montage

This is Kalamitis third installment of Scoundrel PvP Montage. Scoundrel PvP is extremely fun and I’m surprised that people are overlooking and don’t pick it up. I asked him why he use back blast way too early after shoot first, and he answered: Good catch! When I’m playing PvE, I use exactly that rotation. While I’m 1v1 during warzones, most of the other classes outsustain me, either because of tankiness (for example a Juggernaut) or because of them having a lot of CC and healing (Sorcerer). That means, I have to burst them down during my stun lock and before they have the chance to fight me back. When I reopen the fight after I have used dissapearing act, I want to finish my opponent, I use Shoot First followed by Back Blast, for a quick 6-9k damage. Also, on PvP it’s not easy to get behind them (they don’t…

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