Huttball PvP Live Commentary – Jedi Guardian – NYCC

Our friends over at TGN TV have another SWTOR Weekly episode up and this one is a lot of fun, complete with footage from NYCC and a recap of TOR news from this week. We love the Huttball PvP live commentary video from NYCC and if you haven’t seen it, we think you will enjoy it as well.

Check it out:

Throughout this week, we continue to see more and more videos and stories from NYCC and since we were unable to be there ourselves, it is our great pleasure to bring these to you whenever we spot them as well. This video has a great “sneak peek” of Huttball, a PvP Warzone in SWTOR.
It’s really a fun video with a glimpse of Huttball and hilarious commentary. “This is an objective game; not a killing game, folks!”
Since I’m a sports writer as well as a video game nut, I really got a kick out of the commentary. You’ll notice some commenters raging a bit that the announcers don’t know what they’re talking about. Keep in mind that they are not in the beta and even if they were, they would not be allowed to breach NDA and identify certain aspects of the game in the video.
Instead, it’s meant to be a peek with some speculation to what certain things are so if they refer to something in Huttball or the game incorrectly, this is why. Give them a break and just enjoy the video.

Lisa Clark

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