Star Wars Video Games: Monthly News Roundup – December 2018

Welcome to the Monthly News Roundup series! This post, posted at the end of every month, aims to sum up the latest updates and changes to the relevant Star Wars games currently live.

December 2018:

Star Wars Battlefront II (Shooter):

  • Battlefront received one content update this month, featuring the General Kenobi skin for the light-side hero Obi-wan Kenobi. This appearance, classed as Epic, is from The Clone Wars series.
  • Some of the content coming in early 2019 has been confirmed. This includes: lightsaber combat changes, armored looks for Clone Officers, an emote wheel, and more trooper customization. This is alongside the two new Hero characters (Count Dooku for January and Anakin Skywalker in February, and the conquest-like mode also coming in February)

Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMO):

  • Game Update 5.10 has come to the game, ‘Jedi Under Siege.’ This update includes a new storyline and daily area, guild improvements, masterwork armour, and more.

Galaxy of Heroes (Mobile Collecting Game):

Force Arena (Mobile MOBA Game):

  • It has been announced that after a 2-year long run, Force Arena will be shutting down on March 19th. The game will be removed from the Play Store and the App Store on January 18th.