Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Doctor Aphra Legacy Event - Available Dec 14th!

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Doctor Aphra Legacy Event – Available Dec 14th!

“Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” fans, get ready for the upcoming Doctor Aphra Legacy Event! Beginning on December 14th, players will have the chance to add the infamous rogue archaeologist to their collection.

Doctor Aphra, first introduced in the Marvel Comics “Star Wars” series, is a cunning and ruthless character who is not afraid to get her hands dirty in pursuit of ancient artifacts. She has teamed up with both Darth Vader and the Rebel Alliance, making her a wild card in the “Star Wars” universe.

In the game, players will be able to unlock Doctor Aphra by completing event challenges and collecting shards. Once she is added to their collection, players can use her in their squad to take on powerful enemies. Doctor Aphra is a versatile character, with abilities that allow her to deal damage to multiple targets, as well as protect herself and her allies from harm.

In addition to the main event, players can also participate in limited-time challenges to earn rewards, such as character shards and gear for Doctor Aphra. These challenges will be available for a limited time, so players will want to act quickly to take advantage of them.

Overall, the Doctor Aphra Legacy Event is a great opportunity for “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” players to add a unique and powerful character to their collection. Be sure to log in and start collecting shards on December 14th to unlock Doctor Aphra for your squad.