MARVEL’S STAR WARS Leads JANUARY 2015 Comic Book Sales to Robust Start of the Year


The new line of Star Wars comics are making a big hit in the New Year after Diamond Comic Distributors revealed their sales charts for January 2015. The hit comic series is sitting pretty at the #1 position. Marvel has seven out of the Top Ten Comic Books in January 2015 and four of them were new comic series.

When you compare January 2015 with past months, the sales did not rate did not rise for individual comics but the increase did come from graphic novels by 9%. When you take a look at the YTD, Year-to-Date, sales it has seen a great increase. Overall sales went up by 12.27% and graphic novels are a major reason for this increase.

How long do you think Star Wars can stay at the top spot? Have you seen the new Star Wars comics? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Diamond Comic Distributors released their January 2015 sales charts and market share report for the comic book direct market Friday morning, and the kick-off of Marvel’s new line of Star Wars titles put Star Wars #1 on top of the mountain in another up sales month over last January. While Marvel moved a tremendous amount of comics over a million – with Star Wars #1, somewhat surprisingly January 2015’s total sales couldn’t match the big month the industry had in December 2014.