SWTOR Mount Flourish coming soon


BioWare will be adding a new feature called Mount Flourish. This feature will only affect the moutns that will be released in the future, and not existing ones.

Mount Flourish | 02.12.2015, 05:37 PM

Hey folks,
As Tait alluded to, we have a PTS patch coming today at 1:30PM CST. I am posting to let you know about a new keybinding that you may find and what it means.

Under keybinds, and movement, you will find that CTRL+Z is now bound to something called Mount Flourish. What this does, is upon using that binding it will have a special effect on some mounts. Think of it kind of akin to holstering your weapon, or using /special. This will not affect any existing mounts, it is going into the game to affect some mounts coming out in the future. We will have more information around those when they are closer to launch. Again, you may note this new keybind on PTS and I wanted to let you know what it means.

Thanks everyone!