SkyMarshall Arts SWTOR Song and Video

Star Wars Norge: The Old Republic Fansite tipped us off to a great SWTOR song made by a group called “SkyMarshall Arts””. They created a music video to go with it and it’s a fun listen/watch for any SWTOR fan. I can totally see myself listening to this while playing the game.
The first part is action-packed and exciting, with a slower rendition at the end. The video fits perfectly with the movie and it’s all very enjoyable.

“This is a tribute to the upcoming MMORPG “Star Wars: The Old Republic” by Bioware, EA and LucasArts – as well as Star Wars in general. It is a compilation of the most popular themes from Star Wars wrapped in a sugary eurodance-ish coating. It was made entirely from scratch using Cubase, FLstudio and Audition.”


Remix: SkyMarshall Arts (Eirik Blodøks Hafskjold)
Video: Star Wars Norge (
Original Score: John Williams (composer)
Footage: Bioware Austin (for Star Wars: The Old Republic)
SFX: Bioware (from Knights of the Old Republic)

THE VIDEO AND DOWNLOAD CAN BE FOUND HERE. (no registration required)