Impressions of SWTOR from a WoW Vet: Part 2

Yesterday I brought you a write-up from a Reddit user on his impressions of game testing SWTOR. It seems the post was popular enough that he decided to write up a part 2. Since his initial impression of the game were mostly positive (for which he received some criticism), he has added some downfalls of SWTOR to his Part 2.
A snippet:
Some troll-being yesterday said that Voidstar was quote “an abomination” which is far from an accurate portrayal of the state of that particular warzone. Voidstar is kind of like Strand of the Ancients in WoW. You’ve got to either blast your way through a series of gates or you have to defend against people blasting their way through said series of gates. Just like Strand there’s a time limit on the game and if the attacker wins, when teams switch sides, the former defenders have their time determined by the time it took to lose the previous round. If you can get through all the gates and download the data in less time than your opponent, you win. Otherwise you lose.
He explains that he doesn’t find any of the bugs currently in the game to be game-breaking in any way (and remember people, beta will have bugs) and that the current bugs have relatively easy fixes. He goes on to explain what some of these are.
This Part 2 is more than 1,000 words of info on SWTOR game testing but again, this is an “impressions” piece and not so much a “spoilers” piece so you’re safe to read it if you are preserving the quality of storyline.
He talks some more about warzones and what his problems are with it. He mentions some frame rate issues, conversation bugs and other minor things in the game. Then one of the bigger bugs right now is chat functionality. There is no item linking, no ability to “click name to whisper,” no shift-click to get persons’ level/class and I also heard [not from this posting] that the ignore feature is borked.
He’s not super crazy over the UI, which is another complaint that I have heard. Game testers express that they want more in the default UI.
Still another complaint is “ability bloat”. Read his full post on Reddit to find out exactly what this problem is and see if you agree.
Have you tested SWTOR and want to add something?

Lisa Clark

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