Friday Update: Imperial Agent Progression Video

It’s progression video time as the folks from Bioware give us a glimpse into the progression of an Imperial Agent. In this video we are being shown both the differences in equipment and abilities players can expect as they level up as one of the subtle hands of the Sith Empire’s will. As players grow in power, they can either take the route of the stealthy and aggressive Operative or the resourceful ranged Sniper.

As you progress in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, your character will gain experience, growing more powerful and discovering new skills while also acquiring more advanced gear.

Through cunning, stealth, and ruthless tactics, the Imperial Agent has no shortage of ways to complete his objectives. Even so, as the complexity and importance of his missions increase, the Agent will have to acquire new skills and equipment to help him combat the ever-growing threat to the Empire. This video shows you a sampling of the many different armors and abilities the Imperial Agent can obtain as he travels the galaxy.

Also up today is a preview into the new ‘Revan’ novel by Drew Karpyshyn. Get lore-literate by checking out chapters Three and Eleven of the upcoming novel.