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“Your article on the consular is on Reddit.” I turned to my brother with awe. I had posted the blog before; only to have it downvoted into oblivion.
“What are they saying?” My curiosity had been grabbed.
“They want the Imperial Agent.”
“Didn’t I specifically say that was next week’s article?”

Welcome back to this week’s Intergalactic Intel on the Imperial Agent. Before we begin I’d like to make a few disclaimers I didn’t put in last week’s article. As anjunaxbeats from reddit stated, “Take every review you read with a truck load of salt.” I’m only allowed to discuss the classes from 1-16, the classes will play very differently at max level and change from build to build. With that being said let’s get into it the Imperial Agent.

Intergalactic Intel: Imperial Agent Thus you use trickery, lies and a few well placed blaster rounds to get the job done. Your actions lead you to get noticed by a sith lord, leading you to more interesting missions.

The actions you have to do a s a sith agent are very difficult. Many of times you have to decide on your mission or the lives of innocents. I tried very hard to play as a cold logical agent, but I failed. I had no problem killing people who deserved it but, it wasn’t just one innocent person, more of like who families and entire villages.

The voice acting was magnifcicant as always. I do have to say the Empire has such an alluring charm with their accents.

I’ll be the first to say, stealth is not my forte. I’m the guy who pick scoundrel in Knights of the Old Republic and takes 0 points in stealth. So the Imperial Agent is…different then what I’m used to. But having said that I greatly enjoyed the play style of the Imperial Agent.

The Imperial Agent was the first class I used that Incorporated The Old Republic’s cover system. Basically your character rolls into a seemingly decent area for cover. This means buildings, rubble, tables whatever. Once in cover you gain access to new abilities that you can’t use while not in cover. Cover also grants you some defensive bonuses against ranged opponents, and also makes sure that you cannot be targeted by gap closing abilities like the Jedi Knight’s Force leap.

The Imperial Agent has a lot of burst at the beginning of the game. They can easily dispatch a group of enemies before even taking any damage. All of their abilities tend to deal with either your blaster rifle, or technology. Probes, Flash bangs, and other technical goodies that let you go toe to toe with force users.

The Imperial Agent uses Energy, a simple resource that simply comes back over time. It restores itself fairly quickly. I decided to go Sniper so majority of my abilities don’t take much energy. I can’t say the same for Operatives since most other Imperial Agents I saw were Snipers like myself.

Snipers tend to do exactly what they are named for sniping. They can specialize in bursting down their opponents very quickly, or using different technologies to render their opponents helpless. The Operative takes a different route of combat by either using stealth as their main weapon or being supportive with healing and shielding their allies.

Again since I can only talk about levels 1-16 let’s we’ll go over the first companion Kaliyo. Kalyio is a Rattataki woman you meet on Hutta. Bioware defiantly paints her out to be a bad ass with no morals, but you find out that’s not very true. Various actions like mindless killing don’t seem to make her smile…unless of course there are credits involved. Credits and mayhem are what this girl likes and as an Imperial Agent who wished to bite her thumb at everyone I could only supply her with more.

In combat Kaliyo is a ranged tank. She is an amazing tank from what I could tell, except for her grapple ability. She drags an enemy close to her so they are hitting her. The problem with this? She stands right next to me. So I if I managed to pull aggro off of her I usually had someone beating on my face in a matter of seconds, which is a big no-no for Imperial Agents.

Overall the Imperial Agent seems like a very complete class and will be a great addtion to any Flashpoint or Operation, and even more of a pain in PvP. Next week we’ll be jumping right into Sith Warrior. May the force be with you.

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