SWTOR Fan art by Tony Vassallo

In this weeks search for SWTOR Fan art, I came across Tony Vassallo. He goes by the nick name vassdeviant on deviantart.com.

Personally I love Tony Vassallo’s comic book kind of art — and apparently I’m not the only one. Tony was selected for a DC talent search portfolio review at C2E2 2010 and was lucky enough to win the coveted $5,000 DC scholarship, which has made him totally fired up to improve his skills over the coming year and hopefully land him a  job right out of school. So if you in this business, keep an eye on this guy..

You can check out more his on his personal website here or his deviantart profile here, and off course see some featured art below:

Bounty Hunter Mercenary


Bounty Hunter Mercenary Pencil


Sith Juggernaut


Sith Pencils


Sith Inquisitor


Sith Inquisitor pencils


Sith Juggernaut
Marauder Pencils


Sith Juggernaut pg 1 of 7
Sith Juggernaut pages 2-3 of 7
Sith Juggernaut pages 4-5 of 7
Sith Juggernaut pages 6-7 of 7