TOR Radio – A galaxy of SWToR podcasts!

TOR Radio is a new column covering the latest and greatest podcasts in the SWToR galaxy. It aspires to introduce you to the plethora of SWToR podcasts currently available from multiple sources. Most importantly, it’s dedicated to all these die-hard SWToR fans who in addition to playing and enjoying the game, share their experiences and knowledge with the rest of us through their podcasts.




  • Enmity Podcast Episode 51(Release date: Sep.1,2014)
    • Taking a closer look at the flashdrive contents from the Community Cantina tour in Seattle
    • What would you pay 2000 Cartel Coins for?
    • An easier way to get to the lost droid on the Tatooine Homstead
    • An interview with Ebon Hawk Night Club Host
  • Heal to Full Podcast(Release date: Sep.1,2014)
    • The episode offers some thoughts on the current conquest system, its advantages and disadvantages
    • Large vs. small guilds in the conquest system
  • Old Republic Radio Episode 76(Release date: Sep.2,2014)
    • The Old Republic Radio crew discuss their experiences with the second week of conquests and talk about the obsession of big numbers for the conquest system.
    • In SWTOR 101, they give tips for gearing fresh 55 characters.
  • OotiniCast Episode 162(Release date: Aug.28,2014)
    • Tip of the week
    • Holofeed section covering the latest news from SWToR
    • Community news
    • Force feedback – covering fan feedback
    • Sarlac digest – PVP advice
  • TOROCast Episode 211(Release Date: Sep.1, 2014)
    • 5500 Cartel Coin Card on Sale on Amazon
    • Update 2.9c
    • Tait on 2.9c
    • Oceanic Gamer with Hillary Nicole
    • Road sits in with Georgia Van Cuylenburg
    • West Coast Server Issues

Is there a SWToR podcast you would like to see include here? Post on the comments below and we will do our best to included on our next column.