SWTOR Developer Blog: Section X and HK-51 Missions in Game Update 1.5

While fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of SWTOR free-to-play, the developers have been hard at work behind the scenes preparing the content for the new Game Update 1.5. In today’s developer blog, they go into more detail for us, explaining to two main portions of the game update: Section X and HK-51 missions. They also share some info about storylines and what we can expect with the new game content.

Be Warned: There are also spoilers about certain in-game storylines but you can avoid this because you have to be logged into the site to see them.

Game Update 1.5 returns us to the story unfolding on Belsavis. Here is a snippet from the dev blog about Section X:

Section X introduces a new set of daily repeatable missions for both Imperial and Republic players, including two new Heroics. These missions offer more rewards than any previous daily area; more Daily Commendations than before, more Credits overall, and an additional source for Black Hole Commendations.

Read the full post for more information. Here’s a snippet of info on HK-51 from Matt Pucevich:

The centerpiece of the mission chain, aside from HK-51 himself, is the Theoretika, a massive old Czerka ship that has lain derelict and deserted in space for a century. The Theoretika is a mood piece, and very different from the types of things we’ve done in the past in that the area is built around exploration and atmosphere (or lack thereof!). Players will notice, for example, that while they are exploring they won’t have map notes telling them exactly where to go — It’s up to them to figure out how to advance through the ship.

Tomorrow is the big day. What are you most looking forward to from game update 1.5 and the free to play version of the game?

Lisa Clark

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