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SWTOR Goes Free to Play November 15th!

swtor f2pThe time has finally arrived- time for SWTOR to go free to play. Tomorrow is the big day and those who have been waiting for the F2P options to return to the game or to check it out for the first time will not have to wait any longer.

While we await the free to play model of the game, the developers have been busy ramping things up for the new update- 1.5. This isn’t just a game switch to free to play; they also have new content, new zones and missions and loads more story. So if you’re just now getting into the game, there’s no better time.

To try SWTOR for yourself for free, just visit the official website: SWTOR.com

They currently have free to play preview videos, news and updates, info about game update 1.5 and information about cartel coins and what is being awarded to those who had previous subscriptions. So even if you played the game before and quit, you can come back and claim your rewards and check out the game again.

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Here’s a review from someone who’s been playing for 10 months.

And here’s some info from Damion Schubert about the new free to play option.

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