Dev Blog: Ranked PvP Season 3 Rewards

BioWare posted another developer blog today. This one about Ranked PvP Season 3 Rewards. As most of yo will remember, the pvp developer team was hit by a shit storm by the player community for not having good enough rewards. Apparently the pvp team have been listening and is adding a sweet mount to the Season 3 Rewards.

Tis the season for furious action! We hope everyone has been enjoying Season 3 thus far and ready for more intense action as we get closer to the wire. Giradda and Baron Deathmark have once again graciously opened up their personal collection of antiques and prized possessions to honor the glorious entertainment you are obliged to offer!

Our goal is to get the rewards out to you, the PvPer wanting to best every opponent in the Arena of Death, sooner so you can hunker down and get to a’ slaughtering! Excitement begets excitement and we hope this gets your PvP juices furiously flowing.

Without further ado here is one of the Tier 1 rewards (an oft requested mount from our Reward Suggestion thread in the PvP Forums):


You can read the full blog post here.

Alex Modny also posted on the forum about the new rewards. Check it out:


Ranked PvP Season 3 Rewards | 10.16.2014, 11:28 AM

Originally Posted by Alyssis

Dang.. color crystal.. That might be reason alone to do ranked..

The question tho.. unique.. do you mean unique as in this is the only way you get it, or unique as in 4 weeks and we release it in the next cartel packs..?

The color crystal will only be available as a Season ranked reward. Right now it is only planned for a Season 3 reward but based off y’alls feedback that might change.