SWTOR's Game Update 7.2.1

SWTOR’s Game Update 7.2.1: New Galactic and PvP Seasons, 64-bit Game Client, and Combat Inflation Changes!

The popular online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) has recently released its latest update, Game Update 7.2.1. This update brings several exciting changes to the game, including a new Galactic Season, the start of a new PvP Season, a 64-bit game client, and changes to combat inflation.

Galactic Season 4: A Passage of Peace

One of the most significant changes in Game Update 7.2.1 is the introduction of Galactic Season 4, titled “A Passage of Peace.” In this season, players are joined by Amity, a Force user on a pilgrimage, as they progress through the Messengers of the Cold Moon reputation track and earn new rewards, including the brand new Mek-Sha Hideout Stronghold. This Galactic Season is an excellent opportunity for players to explore new content and earn unique rewards.

PvP Season 2: Piercing the Veil

In addition to Galactic Season 4, Game Update 7.2.1 also introduces a new PvP Season, “Piercing the Veil.” The developers have made changes to how Attacker and Defender medals are earned in a match, improving players’ overall experience. Players can earn new rewards by earning PvP points and progressing through the PvP Rewards track. This season is a perfect time for players who enjoy PvP combat to test their skills and earn exciting rewards.

Credit Economy Initiative

SWTOR is also introducing changes to address economic inflation within the game. These changes are the first of several updates planned throughout the year, and players can expect to see more details regarding this topic in future releases. The developers are taking measures to ensure that the in-game economy remains balanced and fair for all players.

64-bit Game Client

Another significant change in Game Update 7.2.1 is the introduction of a 64-bit game client. This change allows players to use more memory and removes the previous limitation of 4 GB per process. Additionally, the team has streamlined the process of building content for the game, ensuring that players can look forward to exciting new updates in the coming years. The game will also detect the best graphics setting on a player’s machine, making it easier for players to optimize their gaming experience.

Other Changes

Finally, Game Update 7.2.1 brings several other changes to SWTOR, including automatic boot-up in full-screen windowed mode, removal of the “Very Low” Graphic Quality Preset, defaulting to using dedicated GPUs on laptops, and fixing the frame rate limiter. All of these changes are designed to improve players’ experience and make SWTOR even more enjoyable to play.

In conclusion, Game Update 7.2.1 is an exciting update for SWTOR players, introducing new content, improving the game’s economy, and making technical changes to enhance the gameplay experience. Players can look forward to a fun-filled season of new challenges, rewards, and adventures in the galaxy far, far away.