Most Beta Testers Would Recommend SWTOR to Friends

We received a screenshot of a poll supposedly published in the beta forums for SWTOR. It’s unofficial but based on the same question that testers are reportedly asked throughout their experience in the beta version of the game.

The question is: Based on your experience today, how likely are you to recommend SWTOR to a friend?

They are then asked to vote on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. At the time the screencap was sent to us, 823 people had responded.

Here is the breakdown of the responses:

  • 1- 13 1.58%
  • 2- 3 0.36%
  • 3- 13 1.58%
  • 4- 12 1.46%
  • 5- 45 5.47%
  • 6- 26 3.16%
  • 7- 61 7.41%
  • 8- 99 12.03%
  • 9- 81 9.84%
  • 10- 470 57.11%

So the numbers show us that most people who are testing who took the time to find and then respond to this unofficial survey would in fact recommend SWTOR to a friend. I imagine this is not really a scientific approach to the matter but it is fun, nevertheless.

This was not an official questionnaire, which was apparent in the grammar of the poster and his “anonymous pole” and the poster does not represent BioWare in anyway, which they made clear. However, it was still a pretty fun poll with a decent response rate to let you know what people who are testing thing about it.

So let us know, based on what you know about the game so far, would you recommend it to friends?