All about The Old Republic’s PvP with TOR’s Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo

Hundar from awkwardly cornered Gabe Amatangelo and roughed him up for all of Star Wars The Old Republic PvP info he could wring out of him. They discussed in detail some of the PvP mechanics and what they’ll bring. has summed up the highlights:

  • There will be experience awarded for PvP
  • There will be token awards to get “identifiable” gear (so you get recognized as PvP player)
  • There are different levels of PvP gear (level 15 and level 50)
  • Alderaan warzone usually lasts between 5 and 15 minutes
  • Next warzone (derelict starship one) will have Assault type game mechanics

At the point of talking about whether there will be “seasonal updates” of PvP gear (so that it gets upgraded once first set of PvP gear gets “outdated”), Gabe Amatangelo mentioned that: “Yes there will be multiple level 50 PvP sets“. This leads us to believe that Level 50 is the max level we will be seeing in The Old Republic.

Check out the movie below: