Star Wars: The old Republic Nearing $1 Billion in Lifetime Revenue

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), a MMO developed by BioWare that released in late 2011, is apparently still a commercial success for EA. A recent earnings call from the publisher revealed that the game is currently coming very close to topping $1 billion in revenue. Now, that is over the course of about 8 years, but it’s still impressive nonetheless.

SWTOR was an insanely expensive undertaking for EA to begin with. Reportedly, the game set the publisher back roughly $200 million for initial development costs. With that number alone, one would assume that translates to EA raking in nearly $800 million in pure profit, right? Well, keep in mind that the game is still being continually updated with new content, patches, and so on. There are STILL ongoing costs for development of the game.

So, how much profit has EA actually pulled in with Star Wars: The Old Republic? It’s difficult to pinpoint without having the full breakdown of costs versus profits. It’s probably safe to assume, though, that SWTOR has at least managed to put a cool $500 million in the bank for the company.

SWTOR has multiple expansion packs available. The latest one, Onslaught, was released in October of this year. Onslaught is a relatively short addition, providing roughly 6 hours of gameplay (3 hours for each side’s campaign), but the story is great.

Every expansion released for the game so far includes:

The list above is chronological from most recent to oldest. It’s unlikely that we’ll see another expansion drop for the Star Wars MMO anytime in the near future. It took three years to get Onslaught. In addition to that, Bioware is currently tied up working on the development of Dragon Age 4 and other titles.

If you’re wanting more story-driven, Star Wars action you may want to check out EA’s upcoming title, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The game launches on November 15th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.