Modern Games With a History!

Do you know that the first computer games and the first computers were developed at approximately the same time? It was in the thirties, at a time when the rocket simulator had already been created.  We had an interesting chat with Jack Harris, editor at Australia Casino about gamification of casino games and other new developments but ended up talking a lot about how past developments have made it all happen. 

The two fields (gaming and technology) have always been closely intertwined and they ended up creating a number of important developments that are highly useful for humankind today. The Unix operating system was originally created by gamers; a drop in gaming purchases or online gamblers affects a country’s economy. The release of the 3D graphics or augmented reality technologies allow casinos to grow their business and the list can go on for a while.

Thanks to continuously improved computing technology and serious improvements in metal manufacturing, games have become a lot more appealing, educational, entertaining or relaxing to play. At the same time, they are also more complex and more difficult to design and create. Here are a few of the most important developments that have contributed to the current state of the gambling world as we know it today.

iElectronic Games

Do you know that a few of the gaming consoles you might be familiar with today were actually invented even the first computers were created? Engineers used the parts that they were using for their research to build entertainment consoles for obvious reasons. When the first rocket stimulator was created in the seventies, it drew the attention of gaming developers who later on created Spacewar! and other similarly popular video games.

Arcade Games

Do you know that prior to the first computers seeing the light of day, arcade games recorded impressive popularity rates. They came in the form of bulky stands that had mounted displays, slots for coins and control panels. On the interior, the stands had circuit boards, while the exterior of the stands usually reflected what the game was all about. They were pricey to build and owners were expected to cover their expenses by inviting people to play. Hence the reason why they were usually placed inside gaming clubs and bars.

Once personal computer games started to become a reality, most arcade games stopped generating profits. Arcade games that featured pedals and steering wheels for racing games, however, kept their charm and players’ attention unaltered. Arcade games with a dancing theme were also a big hit. Some of the old arcade games like the Taito Space Invaders from 1978 is still hanging around but in a more modern form.  

3D Games

Do you know that the first games that saw the light of day had two-dimensional graphics and some of them even relied on text. Once the 3D technology was invented, developers were more interested in offering an enhanced, realistic experience to players. The main goal was to recreate the same type of quality in terms of special effects and graphics they were seeing in the movies. No game developer truly managed to reach this goal since all elements within a game are created in real-time, which is the reason for the specific limitations. A Hollywood movie, on the other hand, can always be improved with the help of more processing.

Thanks to 3D graphics, the gaming industry is making a slow, but sure transition to a more natural experience. The powerful computer and smartphone processors we enjoy today also allow players to take advantage of images of a higher quality. With the help of tools that can create realistic textures and allow in-game interaction between objects, players will enjoy more realistic details that enable players to fully immerse within any 3D game, including casino games like slots in 3D. 

Games Played On Mobile Devices

Do you know that smartphones did not only simplified the way we communicate or do our shopping, but they are completely revolutionized the way we play games. With billions of owners worldwide, gaming developers had no problem designing puzzle, shooter or casino games compatible with all operating systems and mobile platforms.

With the help of sensor inputs, GPS technology and gyroscopes, developers started working at fully adapted games that would make full use of the new features. Owning a late-generation smartphone today means being able to access anything from an arcade plane simulator to a casino or a classic tetris game with a twist.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Games

Now you know of some of the spectacular technologies currently part of important developments within fields like entertainment, medicine and science. The majority of large technology developers in the world have brought their own two cents for the creation of fresh software and gear. However, the gaming industry appears to be the bigger winner, with most AR and VR applications recording amazing success. Pokémon Go is the most successful game that relies on this technology, gathering over 100 million players around the world and don’t forget that the gamification of casino games have only started. We are excited!