Top ten sites to download free software

Windows provides much free software, but there are always gaps in the products that they list, and you are forced to look for alternative sources for software. The problems begin when you start trying to navigate the 1000’s of websites that are all claiming to be the best and the safest source of freeware. Who can you trust, in many cases when you do find what you are looking for it is bundled together with a pile of files that are in no way related to what you were looking for in the first place. We have compiled this list to help you find what you are looking for without having to worry too much about having the wade through all the bother and bloat of Sheppard software bundles and malware.

#1 Rocket Files

Rocket Files is among the top-moderated sites on the internet. Even though it is relatively new, they have managed to get the name for being a steady source of free tools for your PC, Mac, and mobile phone. Rocket files provide you with a cool trending page; this lists the most popular and useful tools available right now. They pride themselves on providing an in-depth review of the functionality and scope of each tool. They also include practical lists and many how-to articles. All user reviews are carefully verified, and they only include approved software ratings.

The site is simple and naturally intuitive to navigate.

#2 QP download

QP Download may not be as well known as the other site on this list. But they are building a solid reputation for providing some of the cleanest and user-friendly software on the market today. All the software is fully vetted, and they provide it completely free of charge. The software database is impressively large and still well organized. QP Download are guaranteed to have what you are looking for if you can’t find the exact software, there are sure to be many suitable alternatives available. Be sure to check out one of the web’s biggest portals; it is bound to be an exciting adventure. Check out one of the biggest portals to see if you find something interesting.

#3 Filepuma

Not the most massive storehouse of PC software, but unquestionably one of the most reliable and user-friendly in terms of not shoving advertising or installers down your throat, Filepuma is an excellent choice for software downloads. They have all the mainstream materials you’d anticipate – from to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Skype. There’s lots more different software there too, and simple to find by utilizing the categories menus on the left-hand side. Filepuma is an excellent natural choice for your software needs.

#4 SourceForge

This hugely acclaimed download site gets onto our list, mainly due to their recent transformation. After going through something of a turnaround lately, they have traditionally been notorious for bundling its downloads with loads of software that you either do not want and certainly do not need. This appears to be a practice of the past.

#5 Ninite

Ninite is still one of the most reliable software download sites; they provide some standard software like Spotify, gimp, Chrome, foobar, and VLC. One of the critical features of Ninite is that they automatically find any software updates you need and automatically download them.

#6 MajorGeeks

MajorGeeks suffers from having an outdated look and feel. Still, they are on this list purely because they have never lost their reputation as a safe and reliable source of free software. They do not bundle your download in with other software that you don’t want.

#7 Softpedia

Softpedia is among the largest and most successful software download sites today. Here you can obtain virtually any free or paid software you require for multiple platforms. Softpedia continually provides only the latest incarnation of the software you require. Moreover, Softpedia also gives you great software reviews and original screenshots for nearly all the most popular and oft used software.

#8 FileHorse

Being one of the new kids on the block. It may not have the largest selection of software on the internet. What they do to tackle this problem is a neat concept, they only provide the best and the most popular free software o the market. They also pride themselves in providing clean software.

#9 Download Crew

Download Crew boasts that they provide a far cleaner interface when compared with other software download providers. They certainly appear to have a no-nonsense approach.

#10 Software Informer

We kept one of the best until. Software Informer acts more as a guide that plans to keep you up to date on all your software needs. But they also provide a good selection of free software downloads.

If you are looking to download some free software today, why not try one of the sites on our list. Happy hunting.