Top 5 Most Popular Cartel Market Items

Top 5 Most Popular Cartel Market Items

The Star Wars: The Old Republic new Cartel Market is getting a lot of attention for being the place to go to buy and unlock in-game items for your character. You can also buy or unlock a variety of enhancements and customizations to make the game more interesting and to enhance your online experience. So what can you get there and what’s worth the investment?

While you’ll find a large variety of items in the Cartel Market, some of them are more popular than others such as the ones listed here. Here we have the top five popular cartel market items (currently).

Carbonite Chamber

You’ll need 720CC to buy Carbonite Chamber making it one of the most expensive items you can acquire at the Cartel Market. However, anyone who has seen it used will surely agree that it’s worth the price. This chamber makes your character unique and this gets lots of attention but it’s not all show. When you’re not in combat, it will heal you very quickly, which is something every player can benefit from.

Improved Speeder Piloting

One of the first things that players look forward to is moving up to a better way of traveling and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Improved Speeder Piloting item. This item has three tiers with the first one unlocking at level 10. The second one will unlock at level 25 and the third at level 35. When you have to walk everywhere you go, it gets very old, very fast. However, you can cut out about 15 levels of walking around just by accessing the first tier of this item.

Gamorrean Axe

The Gamorrean Axe may be a crude looking weapon that is nowhere near as eye-catching as the lightsabre but it definitely gets the job done. No one wants to see an opponent coming at them with this thing, making it one of the top 5 Cartel Market Items sold. For a cost of only 350CC, this is certainly one you’ll want to add to your collection. However, your character must wield the vibroswords ability in order to use this item.

Cartel Packs

The number one item sold at the Cartel Market is the Cartel Packs. Most gamers look forward to receiving rare in-game items and that is probably why Cartel Packs are so popular. Players are very interested in seeing what rare items they can acquire. The rarest items found in these packs include the Crime Lord Title, Overlord Commanders Throne, White Crystal and Nihilus Mask.

Since this is the only place known where you can get these items, it’s drawing a lot of attention to the market. As an added bonus, after a two or three day waiting period, you can sell any of the Cartel Pack items that you don’t want or need for credits. The Crime Lord Cartel Packs sell for 360CC and The Black Market Cartel Packs sell for 180CC.

Galactic Trade Network Slots

The Galactic Trade Network Slots are one of the cheaper items selling for 125CC that come in very handy for many players. You can stack them five times so each character can stack up to 50 slots. If you’re buying up the Cartel Packs like many players, you’ll need the extra slots. Any trader that takes his profession seriously can also benefit from them.

While these are the top 5 most popular cartel market items at this time, there are many more to choose from that can enhance your game experience.

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