Cartel Market – New Market Items with Relics of Gree

greeAre you looking to see which new items have gone live with the new update Relics of Gree? There are some new items on the Cartel Market. So here’s an overview of what the update brought.

Classic Looks for Armor

BioWare has listened to the players when it comes to classic looks on the armor and streamlining the appearance of gear and they are bringing back some classic versions of armor sets that many players really liked. You can now find classic versions of Spymaster, Phantom, and Trailblazer armor sets.

Space Pirate Cartel Pack

The Cartel Pack’s description:

Other Stuff!

We also had Jawagrams for Valentine’s Day which seemed to be a big hit at only 20 Cartel Coins and new customization for your Ship Droid. He is looking sleek in his new tuxedo (probably going to be another very popular item).

There is also a new option for some players to buy Cartel Coins by text (SMS) where available.

The SWTOR Insider video gives all the details:

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