Changes to Cartel Market Packs with SWTOR Patch 4.1

Eric Musco updated the community on the changes Coming Cartel Market Packs with 4.1

Hey folks,

As you may know, our Cartel Market team has been making constant adjustments to how packs work, since our rework in Fallen Empire. We have heard in the past few months a lot of feedback from players that they really like the functionality of the “Grand Packs.” Think of anything from the Bronze, Silver, Gold Packs to the old Grand packs we released last year. Because of this, we are making some changes to the new pack which will release with 4.1.
Currently when you open a Cartel Market pack, this is what you receive:

2 items from the pack (Mounts, Decorations, etc)
1 grade 5 or 6 Companion Gift
1 Scrap
When you open the new Firebrand Pack in 4.1 you will receive the following:

2 items- either a new item from the pack (Mounts, Decorations, etc) or a Grand Chance Cube (more on this in a second)
1 grade 5 or 6 Companion Gift
1 Scrap
Now you are asking, what is the Grand Chance Cube? Think of it as the ultimate Grand Pack. Inside a Grand Chance Cube you have a chance to receive any available Cartel Market Pack item, including from the current Pack. Also, the Grand Chance Cube acts as a Grand Pack in that if you open an Armor Lootbox, it will contain the entire armor set, not just a few pieces.

This change allows us to place more emphasis on the Silver and Gold items in each pack, as we are no longer building new Bronze items. Now, in place of Bronze items you will receive a Grand Chance Cube. This Cube can contain the rarest of Cartel Market selections, giving you a second chance at highly-desired items.

Due to the ongoing changes in the Cartel Market, all of this is subject to change. It is likely that more changes will follow in the future.
Let me know if you have any questions on how these new packs work and I will work to clear up any confusion.