How to Calculate Companion Gift Affections

Here is another fantastic lesson on SWTOR. We really appreciate the time and attention to detail she puts into helping others understand the game and get more from their experience in it. This week she brought us a great guide on calculating affection with your companions from gifts and conversations.

Thanks Dulfy!

“Calculating Companion gift affections

Many of you have probably seen a chart like this that list all the affection a certain gift will give.

Have you ever wondered how that is calculated?

If you are curious, those numbers are fairly easily generated via a simple formula!

It is simply (gift rank – companion affection rank) * type of gift (green, blue, purple) * Likeness (indifferent, like, favourite, love)

Rank Difference

There are 5 ranks of companion affection and 5 ranks of companion gifts

Rank 1: -1000 to 1999 Rank 2: 2000 to 3999 Rank 3: 4000 to 5999 Rank 4: 6000 to 7999 Rank 5: 8000 to 10000

The number generated when you do companion gift rank – companion affection rank is the one you want. For example, giving a gift of rank 4 to a companion that is at 6666 affection rating would give you a rank difference of 0.

Rank Difference Modifier

-4 0

-3 0

-2 0.2

-1 0.5

0 1

1 1.1

2 1.3

3 1.5

4 1.5

Type of Gift

There are 3 “tiers” of gifts (for now, there is apparently another tier called Legendary but that isn’t in game yet!)

Green – Premium, Blue -Prototype, Purple – Artifacts

Each give you a different modifier

Green = 6

Blue = 10

Purple = 24


Companions have 4 types of likeness to every gift = indifferent, like, favourite, love

Each likeness have a modifier

Indifferent = 0

Like = 4

Favourite = 9

Love = 16

For example, your ship droid 2RV8, if you have him at affection rating rank 1, and gave him a green rank 1 Technology gift the resulting affection would be 6 x 1 x 9 = 54.

  • Gift rank – companion affection rank = 0, modifier = 1
  • Green gift (premium), modifier = 6
  • Technology (favourite), modifier = 9

Companion conversion triggers

Conversations with your companions are triggered by your affection with them. Some companions are extremely chatty (i.e. Quinn) and have alot of triggers. Other companions like Xalek are super quiet and have fewer triggers.

Using this chart here, you can tell exactly when your next conversation with your companion happens! (obviously lots of spoilers here 😛)



The Rest

I have updated the companion gift list for 1.2, now with enhanced romance function (For some companions, romancing them will increase their likeness to courting/luxury gifts. For other companions, romancing them will change their likeness towards several types of gifts). Keep in mind that these romances for now are opposite sex only.

I also added the ship droid crafting bonuses along with crafting bonuses for rest of the companions!


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