Game Update 3.0 Known Issues

swtor boss

Tait Watson have posted an update with a a handful of Known Issues that you may encounter while progressing through the Shadow of Revan content. This is by no means complete, and will be updated as needed.

  • Grouped players attempting to start Shadow of Revan from another player’s ship will encounter a number of issues associated with the cinematics. Workaround: Until we resolve these issues, please start Shadow of Revan from your own player ship Mission Console and then group with other players upon reaching the planet surface.
  • The final boss of The Ravagers does not provide any loot.
  • When grouped, players who interact with the Mission Console of the group leader’s ship will receive an error message or not see the Mission “Chapter 5: Shadow of Revan” as available. (3.0.1)
  • If a player walks near the edge of the platform in the Trader’s Causeway, they will be killed.
  • The Battle of Rishi Flashpoint is missing French and German text for Light and Dark Side choices.
  • Shadows and Assassins do not receive any items if selecting the Force-Lord’s Gear Pack when completing the Mission “Confederacy” on Yavin 4.
  • The Mission Reward for the Mission “Shadow of Revan: Prelude” is displayed as “undefined.” The Mission still awards the correct items.
  • The Rishi Maze Demolisher’s MK-2 set is incorrectly named the Rishi Maze Med-tech’s MK-2.
  • The Rishi Maze Med’s Techs MK-2 set is incorrectly named the Rishi Maze Demolisher’s MK-2.
  • The “Wall Gears” Decoration does not drop in the Blood Hunt Flashpoint as intended.
  • It is currently impossible to complete the healing challenge during Dread Master Raptus’ encounter in Nightmare Dread Palace.
  • The Yavin Temple Chandelier Decoration does not drop from the Temple of Sacrifice as intended.
  • The Story Mode Operation tooltip does not include the new level 60 Weeklies and the level 55 Weekly category appears outdated.