Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer recreated in Battlefront 2 2005

Here is something pretty awesome. Youtuber Angry Ewok had to much time on his hands, and decided to recreat the complease Star Wars: Battlefront 2 trailer showcased at EA play last week. Check it out:

As as stated in the beginning, this is both crazily awesome, and sad at the same time. I haven’t played BF2 for some time, and I don’t remember it looking this… bad. Part of that is because I am  remembering the parts of the new Battlefront 2 and how they’re similar, and thereby comparing them in my mind even if I  don’t realize it… And I am comparing these graphics to the graphics of the new game, and the gap is so wide it makes these seem even worse. But that is just me rambling.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is slated for release on November 17 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 with a $59.99 price tag. Anyone who pre-orders the game will receive access to the game’s beta period three days earlier than everyone else, among other bonuses. Meanwhile, pre-ordering the $79.99 Star Wars Battlefront II: Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition will guarantee a three-day early access to the full game. ( If you pre-order via any of our above affiliate links, you help keep us online. THANK YOU!)