Bootleg Radio – All TOR, All the Time!

If you’re as anxious about SWTOR as we are then you have to head over and check out Bootleg Radio– All TOR, all the time. And it’s a great time to check in if you are not familiar with them yet because they have recently added four brand new shows, each dedicated to our favorite upcoming MMO- Star Wars: The Old Republic.

It doesn’t get any cooler than that. Really.
These new shows are in addition to the existing awesome show, the Galactic Underground which airs Saturday at 7:00pm Eastern. This live, four-hour show is uncensored and features special guests live. Hosted by Brehon and other members of the GU Crew, it’s always tons of fun.
The new lineup includes:
  • Galactic Core Fridays at 6:00pm EST. Live 2 hour show, hosted by the Mysterious V talking about game: In his own words “it will be informative and requests more than likely until game release, then it may take more of a RP theme”. Sounds fun!
  • Coral Cantina Saturdays at 2:00pm EST. A live talk show specialized to the European players, hosted by Antario & Dean from CORAL.
  • Confessions of a Gamer Girl Mondays at 7:00pm EST. A show by a female gamer for the female gamer perspective, hosted by Laughter. I love this one, being a gamer girl myself but you don’t have to be a chick to dig it.
  • Two TOR Gamers and some Microphones Saturdays at 6:30pm EST. Two ToR Gamers and Some Microphones (TTGASM) who take the weekly Friday update, and work their 30 minute Podcast. Hosted by Blur and Blueneko of Beskar and provides great views on the update.
This is not your typical podcast and it’s a blast every time. You might learn something new and you’re guaranteed to garner some laughs. Check it out this week!