Horrifyingly Realistic Bust Of Grand Moff Tarkin

I have terrible, haunting memories of when I was younger and watched both Poltergeist and Child’s Play within the space of about a week and then believed that all of my toys, and especially my sister’s dolls were going to murder me in particularly graphic, innovative manner.

The reason I mention that is because from that day on, I vowed never to have anything creepily life-like in my home, because everyone knows that they are the most likely to come alive and slay you as you sleep. The only exceptions to the rule are busts, usually of comic book and movie characters (I have spent way too much money on this little habit), which I love like children and for some reason do not fear.
But, for the first time, thanks to some stand-out work from sculpture-artist Jordu Schell, (which I discovered thanks to the legends over at Geeks of Doom) I find myself wondering whether a bust is cool enough to outweigh its frankly horrifying realism. And while I debate, here’s what all the fuss is about…

Holy God. As if you needed telling, that’s British acting legend Peter Cushing as Star Wars villain Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. Look how he peers into your soul. It’s enough to bring about the iciest of cold sweats in anyone.

Schell is also something of a movie veteran, having worked in the Art Department on such make-up-heavy projects as 300, Men in Black, Galaxy Quest, Dawn of the Dead, Hellboy, Cloverfield, Avatar, Predators, Battle: Los Angeles, and Cowboys & Aliens. And by God, the man has talent.
Head over to his website for more of his incredible work.