Disciplines Calculator English Version Launched

Disciplines Calculator English Version Launched

The team over at The-Old-Republic.ru have updated their Disciplines Calculator and created a new English version. Here you can see their brand new fast and useful Discipline Calculator. This is actually a really cool calculator and those of us from English-speaking countries are happy to see them invest the time into creating a calculator that will work for us as well. Here is their official post explaining the announcement.


As some of you might have seen last week, we showed the design of our new Disciplines Calculator on /r/swtor. We released the Russian language version back in December and now we have finished the English version. Our team hopes you enjoy the tool and find it fast and useful. We apologise for any mistakes in the translation; we are not native English speakers.

If you find anything awry or want to submit any comments/feedback, please feel free to let us know. You can leave them here, or on our forum in the “Galactic Basic” Thread. You can post in that thread without needing to sign-up with an account so it is super easy too. You can find a link at the bottom right of the Calculator.

Our Disciplines Calculator supports embedding and if you click the “Сode” button it will generate an <iframe> link for you to use. This works for builds you have already configured allowing you to share builds within forum posts!

Again, we hope the Calculator is helpful and please check back as we are still working on its functionality and expanding what we can do with it. We will share what we are working on some other time however!

from Russia with love,

You can check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. All in all, we think it’s pretty darn good. We hope they continue to update it as well as listen to the user feedback and possibly make some tweaks or upgrades where needed but overall, it’s a great tool and we’re thankful for it!

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