Game Update 2.9 Known Issues

swtor bugs

With a new gameupdate comes new bugs to the game. Here is a list of the known issues so far. Luckily there are no game-breaking bugs a this time.

  • Players do not receive double Prestige on previously placed items after conquering a planet.
  • Decorations can get bugged if the layout is switched while a Decoration is present. Workaround: If you find you have two Decorations occupying the same area, leave the Stronghold and then re-enter.
  • A guild will still be displayed in the Leaderboards if it is disbanded while controlling a planet.
  • Emissive effects on Decorations are not rendered in the Preview Panel.
  • Guild names are not updated on the Leaderboard if they are changed during a Conquest event.
  • Companions are missing the Mission Icon above their head if they are summoned in a Stronghold.
  • Players can get stuck in a Decoration they were situated on if they return to the Stronghold from a Warzone, or log out and then back in. Workaround: Using the /stuck command will resolve this.
  • Companion Hologram Decorations do not properly show the gear that is shown in their previews.
  • The “Additional Legacy Stronghold Storage Bay” item is consumed on use even if the Player has all available Bays unlocked.
  • The “Rename Flagship” item is consumed on use even if a rename is already available.
  • The Decoration “Arrangement: Speeder Station” cannot be consumed.

There are now ETA on when this will get fixed, but probably be fixed with the next patch update in a few weeks time.