BioWare Speaks on the Cartel Market

Do you have questions about the Cartel Market? After the update to the public test server (PTS) yesterday, there were many questions coming from the community about the free-to-play cartel market and how this will work. Will items disappear? What does the timer mean? Can you still trade an item if it is modified? Lots of great questions are arising!

BioWare answered these questions and provided info on some other areas of the cartel market and how it will work. See below:

Allison Berryman

I can clarify that the item will not disappear after the timer is over – after that time period, the item is no longer bound to you and can be traded!

Allison Berryman

The items do not disappear after 5 days; after the timer expires, they are no longer bound to the player and can be traded. Please also remember that we are currently testing the new features, so report any issues you encounter and please provide your feedback in the PTS forum. Thanks!

Nathan Emmott

Howdy everyone!

Thanks for pointing this out; the current temporary bind durations for Cartel Market items are indeed incorrect for Subscribers. Subscribers will find a much shorter duration on the binding from Market items.

I’ve seen some discussions on the test server wondering why we even have the binding rules in place. To be blunt, it’s to limit fraud. Allowing players to trade items they buy from the Market, to give gifts, and to sell them on the Galactic Trade Network is core to our plans for the Cartel Market and an experience we only want to improve!

We will be reducing the bind duration time by the launch of 1.5, and will be following feedback closely to ensure we’re making everyone’s experience as positive as possible!

Some subscribers are viewed as F2P even though they subscribe.

Allison Berryman

There are some status-related access issues that aren’t functioning as intended on the PTS right now; we’ll definitely be addressing these. Thanks for the reports!

Misunderstandings regarding subscriber access to Section X and HK-51.

Allison Berryman

Just to make sure this is clear, players who are subscribed will not have to pay to unlock Section X and HK-51. There has been some confusion about this due to an issue on PTS that does not make it appear unlocked to players there.

They also created a special thread on the forums for questions regarding this that you do not see answered here. If you have more questions, check the thread, see if it’s already been asked and if not, add your questions to the list.

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