Public Test Servers Update june 6/21

pts server updates

Amber Green posted an update regarding updates to the Public Test Servers. BioWare will be patching them up to the weekend, so it’s possible to play and test the servers all weekend long. Now go have fun and report in them bugs.

Hello PTS Testers,

Happy Friday! We are currently releasing a small patch to the Public Test Server to correct a couple of issues for you before weekend testing. The server will be made available again as soon as possible, and we appreciate your patience.

The Patch Notes for this update are both for Nightmare Mode Scum & Villainy:

  • The area of effect missiles used bye Mercenary Demolitionists now damage players appropriately.
  • During the encounter with Titan 6 in 16-Player Mode, the “Huge Grenade” ability now always uses two grenades.

Thanks for your assistance in improving our new content and don’t forget to please use /bug to report any issues you encounter while testing!