SWTOR PSA: CM Items from item stash can become bound.

Here is a PSA from SW-DocSpock:

Encountered this bug over the past few days. Basically what seems to happen is occasionally I will be getting items from my item stash ( so CM items with a timer when claimed ) and then I’ll get an email about being affected by a ‘character load’ issue or some such and it will give me one of my items as an attachment because it apparently didn’t transfer to my inventory correctly.

The problem is this item comes through as bound with no timer meaning you basically lose the ability to transfer or sell this CM item if you so wanted.

Contacted CS who agreed it should be unbound and removed the bound status from the item and has noted it as a bug.

The problem is I’ve had this occur about 5 times now and need contact CS each time so it seems more common that a one off issue.

Might have something to do with claiming items from the stash quickly ( like clicking the transfer/claim to inventory button very fast to get through it all as there still is no claim all function ) which I regularly do so I’ll try running through it slower to see if it repeats.

Either way something for people to be aware of in case they one day come across CM items in their inventory and they are bound but they don’t know why. An item/loot ticket should fix the bound status at least.

Image above of an example – a CM deco that shouldn’t be possible to bind without a timer as these get consumed on use.