Patch 3.0

Game Update 3.0 Known Issues

Tait Watson have posted an update with a a handful of Known Issues that you may encounter while progressing through the Shadow of Revan content. This is by no means complete, and will be updated as needed. Grouped players attempting to start Shadow of Revan from another player’s ship will encounter a number of issues associated with the cinematics. Workaround: Until we resolve these issues, please start Shadow of Revan from your own player ship Mission Console and then group with other players upon reaching the planet surface. The final boss of The Ravagers does not provide any loot. When grouped, players who interact with the Mission Console of the group leader’s ship will receive an error message or not see the Mission “Chapter 5: Shadow of Revan” as available. (3.0.1) If a player walks near the edge of the platform in the Trader’s Causeway, they will be killed. The…

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