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Companions 101: Kaliyo Djannis, featuring Alex Freed

Every secret agent needs a femme fatale, right? Well, the Imperial Agent gets Kaliyo- an interesting and compelling companion in many ways. For the first installment of their new Companions 101 blog, BioWare gives us more insight into this companion, her background and what she’s all about. Please Note: This blog contains spoilers for the Imperial Agent class story. Lead Writer, Alexander Freed (a really awesome guy, by the way), drops in to share some more info about Kaliyo and why she leaves her life on Hutta and joins Imperial intelligence: “When Kaliyo first joins up with the Imperial Agent, she sees two possibilities. Either the Agent is a mark–someone whose coattails she can ride, someone who’s going to diligently follow orders while Kaliyo plays him (or her) for every credit he’s worth–or the Agent really is as clever, confident and manipulative as he lets on. In the former case, the Agent is…

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Community Q&A: June 15th, 2012

BioWare posted a new Q&A session yesterday. It’s always nice read as it gives us some insight on what the devs are working on.  One of the answers that caught my eye this time, was the fact that you need high level toon of each faction to get the HK-51 companion. Yet another reason to get working on those Legacy characters. I also liked the explanation about stats on mods and enhancements. It’s easier to accept “this isn’t changing”, or “we don’t know when this might change” if they say why they did things a certain way. GarrickBlackSun: I understand he is a long way off, but could you please possibly give us any sort of clearer or better insight to the unlocking of HK-51? Daniel Erickson (Lead Game Designer): The only thing we’re saying today is its going to take a serious amount of work, involves a galaxy-wide mission, introduces some different ways of playing the game…

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How to Calculate Companion Gift Affections

Here is another fantastic lesson on SWTOR. We really appreciate the time and attention to detail she puts into helping others understand the game and get more from their experience in it. This week she brought us a great guide on calculating affection with your companions from gifts and conversations. Thanks Dulfy! “Calculating Companion gift affections Many of you have probably seen a chart like this that list all the affection a certain gift will give. Have you ever wondered how that is calculated? If you are curious, those numbers are fairly easily generated via a simple formula! It is simply (gift rank – companion affection rank) * type of gift (green, blue, purple) * Likeness (indifferent, like, favourite, love) Rank Difference There are 5 ranks of companion affection and 5 ranks of companion gifts Rank 1: -1000 to 1999 Rank 2: 2000 to 3999 Rank 3: 4000 to 5999…

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