Companion Gifts Calculator

Do you ever wish there was a more organized way to keep track of your companions and companion gifts? While some gamers go at things haphazardly, there are others (like myself) who like to go into it with a plan. I am not ashamed to admit that I often do quite a bit of planning and analyzing in my games. And in a game like SWTOR with the story element, there is also planning into your character’s personality and characteristics.

  • Would she really do that?
  • Would she kill him or let him go?
  • Should I take the money or decline the reward?

So many decisions to make- all part of the fun of the game. So this companion gifts calculator is another great tool to add to the things of things that make planning in the game more efficient. And it’s just fun!

Check out the Google Doc Spreadsheet which you can use yourself for your own customized companion gifts calculator.

Here is some more information about the tool from the creator:

So I got bored and decided to build this calculator for companion gifts. It takes into account your affection level and rank and type of gift and spits out how much affection you’ll gain with every companion.

EDIT:(Don’t forget file>make a copy before you can use it)

Couple of settings: Firstly: all romanceable companions have a YES/NO option. Then you choose which affection rank you currently have with all companions you are interested in (If you are unsure consult the handy chart to the right). And finally you input in the top right which rank and type of gift you are planning to give. The spreadsheet then spits out 3 columns (green, blue, purple quality of gift) with how much affection you’ll get with each companion.

Many thanks goes to the Legendary dulfy for supplying the formulas and affection charts needed to fulfill this project.

Companion Gifts Calculator

Lisa Clark

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