SWTOR Details on Grand Nightlife Pack

What have I createdAs some of you guys might already know, the newest cartel pack is quite pricey. Eric Musco went on the forums to explain why this is:

Details of the Grand Nightlife Pack | 04.30.2015, 10:34 AM

Hey folks!
We have seen some confusion around the Grand Nightlife Pack, what it is, and why it costs a bit more than you normally see on a Cartel Pack. Admittedly, we could have been a little bit more clear in the store tooltips and we will make sure that is better in the future.

So, what is in the Grand Nightlife Pack? This pack is basically all of the best items from The Star Cluster and Club Vertica Nightlife Packs all in one place. Here is a basic idea of the items you will find in the pack:

  • Complete armor sets (ex: Tulak Hord Disciple’s Armor)
    • Note: All armor sets pieces are contained in a single lockbox, you do not need to get pieces individually
  • Mounts (ex: Dathomir Rancor)
  • Weapons (ex: Exquisite Champion’s Dualsaber)
  • Color Crystals (ex: Advanced Yellow Core)
  • Rest & Recharge Items (ex: Credit Flip)
  • Etc.

What you will not find in the pack is the following:

  • Minipets
  • Titles
  • Emotes

As a last note, this is how each part of this 4 slot pack works:

  • Slot one: A random super rare or better item
  • Slot two: A random item
  • Slot three: A fortuitous dye kit (these contain two random dyes and have a change to drop rare dyes like black/black)
  • Slot four: A Minor or Major XP Boost (the general boosts, not the specific ones such as Exploration, Flashpoints, etc)

As you can see these packs are very special in that they provide you a high chance to get some really great items. I hope this explains a bit about the new Grand Nighlife Pack and why you will definitely want to get your hands on one, or ten, while they are around.