Proposed Healing Changes in Game update 3.2.1 to be removed from SWTOR

My Shadow was very unamused

It is no secret that players on the official forums, have been furies about the upcoming healing changes, that was supposed to come with game update 3.2.1. Therefor BioWare be removing these changes, to revise them and maybe add in a later patch:

3.2.1 PTS Healing Changes Removal | 04.30.2015, 08:28 AM

Hey all,
We want to thank everyone who offered constructive feedback and contributed to discussions regarding improvements to the proposed changes. Your feedback is much appreciated as we move forward with future PTS updates.

Following internal review, we’ve decided to remove all of the proposed healing changes from 3.2.1. The goal of this update was to increase the burst healing of healers while simultaneously balancing healing per second (HPS) values, and resource management for healers. We are not completely satisfied with the present state of the healing changes, and want to give the community more time to play with the changes and offer their feedback.

During the 3.2.1 PTS we were unable to present all of the healing changes from the onset, resulting in an incomplete view of healing changes we want to make. Extending the refinement time for healers in the 3.2.1 PTS to allow for necessary review and feedback would delay the full release of the patch. To avoid this delay, yet still give the healing changes the proper time for feedback on the PTS, we have decided to pull the healing changes from the 3.2.1 update and include them on a future PTS in their entirety.

The 3.2.1 class balance update will still include the revised Resolve system, changes to the Annihilation/Watchman rotation, and other non-healer updates. With the final 3.2.1 PTS update coming soon, we’ll make sure to provide a final overview of the changes.
Cheers, all!