Darth Vader stress toy

Darth Vader Stress Toy from ThinkGeek.com

Darth Vader stress toySometimes you just need to squeeze the head of a Vader when you’re feeling stressed, right? Well, ThinkGeek wants to help you out with this. We think Vader knows a thing or two about being stressed out as well. This is another cool product we got to review from ThinkGeek and while I got it some time back. I like to actually use products for awhile before just posting reviews and saying, “Yea, it’s great.”

So I had to check it out for a bit. The head is squishy enough and sized well for my hand (I have small hands so some are too large). The unique shape also made is easier for me to hold. It was not too hard (like some stress balls I have used) and not so soft that it felt it wasn’t useful. It also didn’t tear apart after just a week or two, something that really impressed me. This makes it worth the $9.99 price tag.


  • Squeeze a Sith Lord to relieve stress
  • About the size of a baseball
  • Use your hands or the Force, Luke

From the product description:


There is a dirty little secret amongst the Stormtroopers on the Death Star. One day, when Vader was off-site at a big important meeting with the Emperor, they all pooled their credits and bought a boxload of Vader Head Stress Balls. Now, when they’re feeling the Force-pinch of stress, they can take it out on Vader’s head… as long as he’s not watching.

You may not have a Sith Lord for a boss, but we’ll bet you’ve got some stress in your life. Take it out on Vader, here. He’s made of squishy rubbery material and is very satisfying to squeeze. Should you be Force adept, go ahead and squish him with the Force!

Lisa Clark

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