Update on SWTOR Season 5 PvP Nexu

Season 5 PvP Nexu

Players who accidentally received the Season 5 Nexu will be able to keep them. BioWare Bioware is planning to add something exclusive for gold tier in patch 3.3.1. though.

Check it out:

The Season 5 Nexu | 07.31.2015, 03:10 PM

Hey folks,

Good news! We have granted Nexu to all of the remaining Gold tier characters who had not yet received it. If you were missing the Nexu, we isolated the issue to characters who had transferred or changed their names during the course of the season.
I know there are questions about what will happen now, so here’s our current plans:

  • Mistakenly Granted Nexu – Anyone who was granted a Nexu, will be allowed to keep it. This was our error and we are not inclined to take it away from everyone.
  • Gold Tier Exclusive Reward – We know letting those extra players keep the Nexu, it takes away the exclusivity for our Gold tier PvPers. So, we want to fix that situation and the plan is with Game Update 3.3.1 all Gold tier PvPers will be receiving an exclusive item. No specifics are available at this time and we’ll announce it the day we release the patch.

Thank you all for your patience as we worked through getting this resolved. We know this was frustrating so we have changed internal processes to help prevent this type of situation in the future.