The Gambling World in Star Wars

The Gambling World in Star Wars

Throughout the Star Wars franchise,gambling has played a big part in the lives of our favourite characters. In one of the most recent movies, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a whole new city based purely around gambling was introduced to the scene, called Canto Bight. This city is only for the wealthiest in the universe and is filled with racetracks and casinos. Here we take a look at gambling in the Star Wars franchise, including some of the most famous scenes and casinos in which gambling took place.

The Casinos in Star Wars

With Star Wars being a very family-friendly franchise, the casinos are not seen for very long throughout the movies, but they are often visited and mentioned in many of the spin-off pieces and this proves just how much gambling is a part of the universe in Star Wars. There are a fewcasinos that we see in the Star Wars franchise, such as the Gilded Descent Casino which appeared in the first novel following from the game released in 2003; Star Wars Galaxies.

Canto Bight

This city is perhaps the most famous placethroughout the Star Wars movies in which gambling is at the heart. Canto Bight is first seen during the war between the First Order and the Resistance. We see Canto Bight when two of the Resistance members, Rose Tico and Finn, travel to Canto Bight and must escape rather quickly. Director Rian Johnson told fans that this city was taken from the Monte Carlo type environment that has been seen in the James Bond movies. It was also inspired by the beautiful city Dubrovnik in Croatia and during the Last Jedi movie, scenes were actually filmed in Dubrovnik.

Other Forms of Gambling in Star Wars

Star Wars involves gambling so much so that the universe even has its very own rules and history around the subject. On many fan sites you can read all about how gambling first started in the Star Wars universe and how it operates around the galaxy. During the Clone Wars, it is said that the Senator at the time, Simon Greyshade, passed a gambling law so that it was legalised throughout the galaxy. Han Solo attained the Millennium Falcon through gambling, when he had a game of Sabacc with Lando Calrissian and won. You can find out this information by watching the Empire Strikes Back movie, when Han Solo visits Cloud City and speaks to Lando.

Star Wars Slots

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One of the most famous lines in the StarWars franchise is “never tell me the odds” which Han Solo often repeats to C3-PO, showing just how much gambling is a part of the Star Wars universe.