Star Wars Part 2 Attack on Endor Fan Film

Oooh, it’s fan film time again! You know how I love these. This one is a little different because it’s actually from Star Wars: Battlefront and it’s pretty cool how they do their videos. It’s definitely fun and enjoyable, even if you don’t play Battlefront.

If you do play, you’re going to recognize some locations and other details and it should be a fun watch for you as well.

I’m all about anything Star Wars and anything creative so I have to share this one with you all. They teased us with a trailer and now we have the next installment to enjoy.

The latest from xXMINIJARVISXx brings us Part 2 of an epic battle, the Attack on Endor. If you missed the beginning, here’s the trailer:

You can see the film yourself right here:

So, what do you think? All in all, I think it’s well done. It’s a fun watch, an interesting story and really creative. I’m looking forward to seeing Part 3. 🙂

From the creators:

“Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me while making this Fan-Film. We got some good feedback from part 1 so we worked on a part 2, it did take a lot longer than expected, and so much time and effort went into it! We hope you enjoy it so we can make a part 3 in the future! “

Lisa Clark

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