BioWare Says No Plans for Cross-server PVP Queuing in Near Future of SWTOR

We told you recently how BioWare plans to implement a separate level 50 warzone into the PvP queue, and while it sounds like a great idea, it’s not without its cons- just like anything. A downside to this new plan that many players have pointed out is that queue times for warzones can now become even longer than they already are to level 50s.

So some have brought up the idea of cross-server PvP queues like other games have (think WoW). However, BioWare says they won’t be implementing this tactic, at least not any time in the near future of SWTOR. So instead, it looks like level 50s will just have to wait for other level 50s to catch up to them so queue times could be very long- at least at first and while the game is still new.

“Cross-server queuing for PvP is something that the development team wants to happen, but it’s not going to be available in the near future,” Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid informed fans.

For low-pop servers, this could be even more of a problem. So why wouldn’t BioWare be implementing this? It would seem they are not even considering it, although other MMOs do it with apparent ease.

In response to another fan’s concerns, Reid said: “Your server isn’t ‘dead’ by any means, but it’s a lower population server than some others. The good news is, the population is growing daily as more people buy the game and get online (we can see the growth).””

Lisa Clark

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