US PvP Server Population Statistics and Data

Just as promised recently, Dulfy has some statistical data on US PvP and RP-PvP server population for us. If you want to know which PvP server to join, how many people are on your PvP server or what the server balance is between factions on your server then this data will help you out.
From Dulfy:
Thereare only 44 PVP/RP-PVP servers so the data collection took a bit shorter, butit got delayed by a day cuz I didn’t know typing “fleet” and”the fleet” in the who list window give different results – I wastyping in “the fleet” after typing in all the warzones – “thepit, the civil war, the voidstar etc” – this gave much lower numbers (atfirst I thought it was cuz the players on PvP servers are less “lazy”and don’t sit around on the fleet as much hehe). I had to erase all the dataand start over. 
7planets and 3 warzones + fleet were used. Warzone data is a bit weird sometimesas people enter/exit warzones constantly and the 30secs-1 minute time I need toswitch characters can cause some odd (uneven) ratios. But as suspected -Imperial players play alot more Huttball (the pit) than Republic players.
Sadly,it does seem that there is a higher Imperial/Republic ratio on PVP servers – acombined ratio of 1.84 comparedto 1.22 for PVE servers.
Ijust want to emphasize it again that this is cross-sectional/(snapsnot in time)population data and it is a representation of theactual population data. This is what anyone who wanted to go around serversmaking level 1 characters would have observed when he/she types in stuff in thewho-list during prime time (6:30 pm-10:00 pm EST for east coast and 6:30pm-10:00 pm PST for west coast). Accurate data would need a team of dedicatedpeople all logging in at the same time, some external software to capturenetwork data (maybe against the TOS) or connections to Bioware

Lisa Clark

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