SWTOR PVP: What You Need to Know

For those who love PVP in MMORPGs, SWTOR is going to have some various options for you. Video gamers are always particular when it comes to their PvP. It’s difficult to create a game with PvP that will please everyone, especially when that is not the main focus of the game itself but rather a side portion or mini game aspect.

What will SWTOR PvP be like? It’s a great question and one that GameSpy attempts to answer for us with this post about Voidstar, Alderaan and Huttball.

As they explain:
SWTOR will feature three PvP “Warzones”, each with its own unique objectives and gameplay. The first warzone is called “Voidstar”, and sees players fight for the control of a spaceship. The second warzone, “Alderaan”, involves an all-out war on the famous planet, while the third warzone is known as “Huttball””.
For more videos and information about SWTOR’s PvP features, check out the official website

Lisa Clark

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