Alderaan Warzone

SWTOR PVP: What You Need to Know

For those who love PVP in MMORPGs, SWTOR is going to have some various options for you. Video gamers are always particular when it comes to their PvP. It’s difficult to create a game with PvP that will please everyone, especially when that is not the main focus of the game itself but rather a side portion or mini game aspect. What will SWTOR PvP be like? It’s a great question and one that GameSpy attempts to answer for us with this post about Voidstar, Alderaan and Huttball. As they explain: SWTOR will feature three PvP “Warzones”, each with its own unique objectives and gameplay. The first warzone is called “Voidstar”, and sees players fight for the control of a spaceship. The second warzone, “Alderaan”, involves an all-out war on the famous planet, while the third warzone is known as “Huttball””. See more with the Huttball trailer: For more videos…

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Pax Prime 2011: Sith Sorceror PvP Gameplay

Darthhater captured some Alderaan Warzone PvP action showing some Sith Sorceror PvP Gameplay in SWTOR. If you pay attention to the movie, it looks like he only use the same two skills over and over. This is not the case though – He uses every skill that’s available to him. It’s just that they all have some kind of lightning animation, so they all look the same. Madness spec almost gets worse higher up in the talent tree. A lot of people will just spam Force Lightning (3s channel, dd/snare,power return, two hand anim) and then a bunch of instants when they are up. I still think it looks fun, especially with Corruption hybrid spec. Check it out below:

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PAX Prime 2011: Alderaan Warzone PVP Videos

Pax has been on for a day now, and the first videos has hit youtube. TORWARS, have been really active already and uploaded 3 movies showing different battles from the Alderaan Warzone. The first one, uploaded 20 min ago, shows Commando vs Mercenary pvp combat: This next one showes s Jedi Sentinel vs s Marauder, and later fighting a Sith Juggernaut: And finally this video shows a Trooper vs an Assassin:

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